G4 Projector lens with white angel eyes and 7 colors backgroud switchable manual or automatic changeable, and switch off. Angel eyes can be set light on when you turn on daytime running lamp, side lamp or fog lamp. Product installation manual book are provided in the package box. GE HID Bi-Xenon Projector + Angel Eyes Plug & Play HID Bi-Xenon Projector + Angel Eyes is an extended  modification of head lamp lighting with Xenon HID  for stock car headlamp (H4) without projector. Projector ensure the light produced by Xenon HID  will be focus &  directed to right spot and thanks to  projector cut off line, opposite car won’t be dazzled. Monza provide special RHD cut off line projector lens that suit to  Indonesian roads. Supplied with GE HID bulb & Hi-Quality slim  ballast to ensure the best quality product. (GE=General Electric)  It is Plug & Play modification which will not damage  your original headlamp reflector and can be reversed  to original stock headlamp set up.  Additional feature of built-in Angel Eyes make your  head lamp looks atractive and luxury. As an option  you able to change  background color up to 7 colors.  CLICK HERE for product detail.  This special products only available at Monza Autosport, visit our workshop for further product details and free installation. Projector ensure the light produced by Xenon HID bulb will be focus and directed to the right spot. Monza Autosport © All right reserved Products