Suitable to be applied on engine hood and car roof, it’s provides UV and Heat rejection from sun ray that helps your air-con reach desired temp faster and yes it can be a fuel saver. It can be applied for your car interior panels and plastic surface. What is Monza Carbon Fabric Film? Monza Carbon Fabric Film is more than just carbon  looks sticker and paint protection, it’s specially made  from high quality material with feature of UV & heat  rejection from sun ray likewise a window films. The installation of Monza carbon fiber film is very  simple and provides superior finishing. Thanks to the  unique technology of the adhesive, no bubbles  appear and the application is easy and fast. The excellent adhesion and  flexibility of carbon fiber film  allow an application on many curved and  complex surfaces, as well as on a variety of coatings.  It works best to be  applied on engine hood and car roofs for heat rejection.  Detail for Monza Carbon Fabric >> CLICK HERE Key Feature and Advantage: UV and Heat Rejection Paint Protection Carbon looks, 3 colors choice: Black, Silver & Pearl White Water resistance, can be clean with detergent Flexible & stretchable ability to curve surface Superb durability and strong, difficult to tear by hand. Top notch scratch resistance Warranty 1year (*term & condition applied) Monza Carbon Fabric Film is more than just sticker with carbon looks printing. Monza Autosport © All right reserved Products