GE HID Burner 5100K available at Monza, special presented by GE company which solved contradiction between brightness and color tradition,it penetrate snow and fog, Xenon HID Improve visibility for night driving, it give 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs Monza is authorized distributor for Xenon HID conversion Kits. Xenon HID headlight performs higher visibility for  users than normal halogen headlights. It produces  light sepctrum that is comfortable to the person's eye  avoiding any stress and providing further safety to all  drivers. Xenon HID can reach 3 times the width and  length of halogen bulbs and reduces glare.  Many people are starting to use these technologically advanced lights  called Xenon HID. These bulbs are revolutionary in that it does not have  any filament that lights up the bulb. Instead these lights use Xenon gas.  Since the bulbs use gas instead of a filament, less heat is produced and  more output of light is produced. Therefore a brighter and energy efficient  light bulbs are produced and the bulbs lasts 10 times longer than any long  lasting halogen lights.   Monza provide Quality brand of Xenon HID, including MAX-HID & GE HID Burner (*GE=General Electric). Want to upgrade your standard halogen light? Call Monza or drop an email for Xenon HID pricing! Car without Xenon HID is not Luxury, call Monza to upgrade your standard Halogen bulb. Monza Autosport © All right reserved Products