Another example.. a Toyota Limo, ex.Taxi real dull inteiror, bad condition trim, painted dashboard, we stripe it down to the bones Whoalaaa... it’s done! .. like a brand new car interior, whole interior trimming from dashboard, cieling, door trim, steering wheel, console, etc. Wanna pimp your car interior trimming? Bored with your car interior looks? Need re-trimming your old car collection interior? Wanna change whole car interior color? Your car interior looks dull? or.. any reasons for full interior trimming.. YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE!!! Look below picture... it’s one of our creation from before and after full interior trimming, It tooks experties, dedication, effort, professional workers and quality process control and.. of course time! Do you have the same needs to do with your car inteior? .. pick up your phone, call Monza .. or just drop an email for further information. Bad interior condition? .. let Monza do the job. Monza Autosport © All right reserved Products